We’ve created a gas fireplace control system that is smarter than the rest. Along with the world’s most intuitive remote control, this system will reduce service expenses and bring dealers closer to consumers.

We Call it FireGenius.

Better Remote Control

The FireGenius Bluetooth remote is the industry’s most intuitive. It’s smart all the time, permitting seamless, simultaneous cell phone control. When you install additional systems, such as a comfort fan option, for example, the remote recognizes this and automatically changes the display to reflect and control the addition.

Better Integration

FireGenius recognizes and connects with LED lighting and other fireplace accessories too. It makes adding accessories easier because it is void of the messy and confusing wiring systems characteristic of competing products.

Better Connectivity

We’ve designed it to let dealers access and check the status of fireplaces they’ve sold. Dealers will know the levels of remote control batteries, and they’ll be aware of issues like power outages or APS failures. Imagine the ability to report ignition problems before consumers are even aware of them. FireGenius makes all of this possible.