Channel Products experience and knowledge of piezoelectric materials goes back more than 50 years. Modern day piezoelectric materials (PZT) were originally developed by Channel Products founder Don Berlincourt. Original materials and processes have been continuously refined for optimum performance and new applications. We have a complete line of materials that comply to CENELEC and DOD Standards.


Our piezoelectric components are used in many demanding and critical medical applications including: Intravenous, Intra Arterial and Cardiac Monitoring, Guidance, Imaging, Ablation and Sympathetic Denervation. We also produce Nebulizer and Atomizer Assemblies as well as Therapeutic and Surgical Ultrasound Transducers.


Our designs, ceramic materials and assemblies, are used by many Aerospace and Defense contractors. They are in aircraft and missile accelerometers, gyros, sensors, and micropositioners. Our materials and engineering staff have provided support and solutions for precision motion in nanometer and angstrom sensing and displacement applications.